Web Hosting | Managed Servers

Providing secure and reliable hosting since 1996.

Maintaining security, reliability and a fast response are our main priorities.  Our solutions are both high-quality and cost-effective.

  • Web servers
  • Domain name registration
  • Email solutions
  • Spam/virus filtering
  • Co-location
  • Fully managed servers (Windows, Linux, FreeBSD)
  • Virtual servers (Vmware, Hyper V or Xen)
  • Load balancing, failover and clustering
  • Server hardening and security
  • Availability monitoring and reporting
  • Consulting
  • Flexible contracts

For information on hosted Exchange, thin clients, and similar services, see our Cloud Services page.

Web servers

  • Shared hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Cloud Storage
  • PCI Compliance

Shared hosting is the standard method, where your site is on a non-private (shared) server, keeping costs down.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is where your site is on a private server, required for situations where a large amount of disk space/bandwidth and/or PCI compliance is required.

Cloud storage provides space for file sharing, backups, and similar requirements.

PCI compliant servers support security standards for credit card payments.

Email servers

Due to the various ways email can be delivered to your company, we offer fully tailored solutions as well as the following – in various combinations:

  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Webmail
  • SMTP MX Backup
  • POP3
  • IMAP
  • Anti Spam and Anti Virus filtering
  • Email delivery to various hand-held devices (e.g. with PUSH) – Trial units available without cost


Choosing your co-location partner is an important decision, and not all providers are equal.

Secure data centres

Network security is often taken more seriously than physical security.  We believe both are important. With this in mind, we use two of the most secure data centres in the UK, one in Norwich and one in Docklands, London. These include many layers of security before access is granted to equipment.  This ensures your server is secure and safe.

Two separate CCTV systems monitor all access to and from the building and on both the hot and cold aisles of the racks ensuring that all access can be accounted for.

Biometrics using fingerprint recognition ensures only the correct people have access.

Access and monitoring

When it comes to the network, all servers are hosted behind a hardware firewall and hardened switch, permanent connection to a KVM over IP device allows us to gain access at the console without delay.

Monitoring and BGP redundant bandwidth are also included.

We only co-locate enterprise hardware that is backed by manufacturers on-site support.  In addition, equipment must be under 3 years old.

Managed Servers

With a managed server you can concentrate on your applications and leave the rest to us.

Server support

We patch servers in accordance with the operating system guidelines, best practice, managed applications and we constantly monitor availability. Even though we do not support your individual applications, we are available to discuss your issues and will help you with information and guidance to resolve your problems.  We have a wide range of experience in programming in various languages so if you need help with some code or an SQL query then you can discuss this with us directly.

What we provide

Dell PowerEdge servers are our preference, but we can and do manage other makes if this is an issue for you.

We do not offer cheap managed servers and we suggest you compare the following before choosing your technology partner:

  • Dual redundant power supplies connected to separate feeds
  • Raid 1,5,10 or 50 depending on your needs
  • Redundant Ethernet connections to our switches
  • Servers are behind a managed hardware firewall
  • Data backed up to a different location daily or more often if required, including databases, etc.
  • Constantly connected KVM over IP for immediate response at the console
  • Dell premium support for hardware
  • Monitoring and alerting via text, email and visual indicators 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

We can fit in with most requirements if you have a particular need.

Secure and Reliable

Various options are available, depending on your requirements. All options provide a secure and high quality service.

High quality services

Rather than just reselling another Web host’s services, we differentiate from other providers by owning all our own equipment, having a fully redundant network.  Our services are tailor made.  Having full control of our servers, along with 24/7 monitoring, enables us to quickly resolve any issues without being dependent on a third party.

99.9% uptime guaranteed – with regular backups.

Secure servers

Our servers are hosted in the most secure data centres in the UK.  The best methods are applied to ensure the servers are secure from attacks via the Internet, with the ability to handle large DDOS attacks.  As well as ensuring that our servers remain reliable and fully-secure, we provide penetration testing, security, monitoring, and performance optimisation for other companies.


nominet_acp_port_rgb_light_blue_smallWe are a registered Nominet registrar, and have been registering domain names since the early 90s, before Nominet was formed.  We can personally register and renew domain names – ensuring that you are the registered owner of the domain, and that renewals are dealt with on time.  DNS changes can be made quickly and efficiently on our own name servers.

Many companies provide domain name registration services, with some offering domains for less than the registry fee; however, not all have your best interests in mind.  We guarantee the following:

  • Our quoted fees include the registry fee
  • We do not charge for moving your domain to another registry or host
  • Domain transfers are handled quickly
  • Renewals are handled directly by us, and we will invoice you when your domain is up for renewal
  • All domains you register through us will belong to you
  • We do not monitor domain name searches and pre-register before you get the chance to

If you are considering registering a domain name that ends with .uk then please read Nominet’s terms and conditions for registration and renewal which are available by clicking here.