Cloud Services

Internet hosted storage, backup, and network services for flexibility and security.

  • Cloud file storage
  • Off-site backup
  • Hosted Exchange
  • Office 365
  • Hosted desktops – thin clients

Cloud Storage

Our Web-based file storage and sharing solution allows you to store files, calendars and contacts.  Sync and share files and data across devices. Provide private, public or password-protected file access.

Supports Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS.

Off-Site Backup

Disaster recovery for your business is of vital importance.  Our off-site backup services provide full backup of servers and workstations over a secure connection, with easy restoration of deleted files.

Microsoft Exchange

When running Microsoft Exchange server in-house, you gain greater control over configuration, integration of third-party applications, when to apply upgrades, and the services you wish to provide.  It also ensures that a copy of your data is fully under your control.

For larger businesses this can be a beneficial setup, but can also be costly due to the requirement of software and hardware maintenance, license purchases, network security and backup.

Microsoft offers two alternative cloud-based solutions, which can be perfect for small businesses:

Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 provides a cloud-based service, allowing you to run your Microsoft Office applications from anywhere, and supports desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.  Office 365 removes the requirement of having a dedicated server, making it ideal for small businesses.

For a monthly fee you can benefit from having the latest version of Office applications, without the hassle of paying for upgrades.

Cloud technology allows users to sync documents, and work on a single document at the same time, while at the same time being fully secure.

Hosted Microsoft Exchange

Hosted Exchange allows you to have greater control over your environment than Office 365, and the system is maintained by Microsoft, with automatic patching applied.  Backup and spam/virus protection is included.

Hosted Exchange is managed via a Web-based interface, where you can easily add or remove users, update email policies, and administer settings.

Hosted Desktop

With a virtual desktop you gain the ability to work from anywhere, over an Internet connection on any device, and access your own personal desktop.

The operating system, whether Windows or Linux, is hosted as a Virtual Machine on our servers, allowing regular backups.  Benefit from being able to remotely access your desktop from any device over the Internet, installing your own applications, and accessing your own data.