Construction Site Broadband WiFi

Our services have been used within the construction industry for many years, providing both media and connectivity solutions.

We are Ofcom approved, fully insured and always work with Health and Safety as our priority. We have our own MEWPs, hold CSCS and IPAF cards, are fully DBS/CRB checked and have first aid cover. Most of all, we understand the unique demands of a live construction site.

  • Router with our in-house custom built software
  • 4G broadband
    Professional 4G installation

    Engineer installing 4G broadband on a construction site.

  • Satellite Broadband
  • Wholesale grade data used
  • Wide range of carriers used, based upon a site survey
  • 30 day rolling contract
  • Highly efficient antennas
  • Portal access for monitoring and making changes
  • Remote and telephone support
  • Technical flexibility – custom configurations
  • Typically installed within 24 hours notice
  • WiFi hotspots
  • VoIP / telephony
  • We communicate and work with your IT department
  • Email and SMS alerts for usage
  • Web site filtering
  • VPN support
  • Connect to your printer (wireless or cable)

Our 4G broadband package provides you with super-fast broadband, with download speeds up to 150Mbps, providing WiFi and wired connections for your construction site. We use the most up-to-date hardware, based on solutions designed in-house.

4G WiFi

Plug And Go – No Installation – Next Day Delivery

Our units are shipped directly to you, ready to go.  See our 4G WiFi setup video for details.

4G WiFi Pro

Professionally Installed – For Fastest Speeds & Reliability

Compare 4G WiFi & 4G WiFi Pro

High Speed Broadband

We will check your location to determine the 4G coverage, and provide a solution suitable.  In most cases we install at height to ensure the fastest connection speed is possible – we provide our own MEWPs and IPAF trained operators for equipment installation.

Support and Maintenance

Support and maintenance for our 4G services is included in the package, and we have secure remote access to the router should you need assistance.


4G Broadband Management

Managing data usage can help you save money. Our 4G solutions provide access to a Web-based portal, showing you statistics for your broadband usage.

The portal allows you to request 4G installations and check the order status, request data bundle changes, and cancel the service.

There is also the option to receive email and SMS alerts, warning you when your package usage reaches 25%, 50%, 75%, 90% and 100% – including a warning if you are likely to exceed your monthly usage at each of these stages.

We always aim to respond quickly to any issues raised, whether it’s related to the broadband connection itself, or in using specific protocols over it. We have secure remote access to our devices, allowing us to jump onto a remote site and diagnose any issues.

4G Web Filtering

We are pleased to offer another ‘first’ for construction site 4G broadband with our new 4G Web filtering package.

Web filtering to stop abuse

Web filtering keeps costs under control

Our Web filtering package (available as an add-on) is the perfect addition to help get the most out of your 4G broadband connection, ensuring that bandwidth usage is not misused and that costs are kept down.

Filtering protects against malicious Websites, viruses and spyware; additionally you can use the system to either monitor Internet access, or control access by content categories as well as a URL blacklist/whitelist.

To determine how your bandwidth is being used, Internet activity can be monitored in real-time or via reports.

Connectivity Services

We provide a thorough range of communication and network services. These include Broadband Services, WiFi Hotspot deployment and VoIP (Voice over IP) set up.


Hotels, restaurants, cafés, stores and schools are faced with increasing demand for providing WiFi for customers, visitors and students. Our meshed WiFi solutions could be just what you need if you’re looking to provide a WiFi hotspot in any venue, small or large.


We supply broadband over multiple 3G, 4G and satellite connections, allowing us to provide both Internet and telephone services.  This is the perfect way of providing Internet access for locations where standard broadband is slow or non-existent (e.g. construction sites, shows, temporary constructions).

For situations where mobile coverage is limited, satellite broadband systems are used to plug these gaps, ensuring 100% coverage.

The satellite broadband systems we use have been proven over many years, providing a reliable internet connection and telephone line.

Both short and long term contracts are available, from as little as one day up to multiple years.

Telephones / VoIP

Providing a telephony solution for short-term situations or construction sites can be a long, complicated process.  Our solutions can be set up in a matter of days, with both short and long term contracts.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) provides seamless telephone communication over a broadband connection, and is both quick to set up and cost-efficient.

Our VoIP telephones are WiFi enabled, making them the perfect accompaniment to our 4G broadband solutions.

Calls are made and received in the same way as with a standard telephone, and we can provide local, national or free telephone numbers.  Call forwarding and voicemail services are also available, including voicemail delivered to email addresses as MP3 files.

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From the beginning to the end of your project, capture every stage of the process with one of our time-lapse cameras. Every step of a month-long project can be converted to a short, high-quality time-lapse video.

Our time-lapse camera solutions are frequently deployed on construction sites, providing some stunning footage of buildings being constructed.  High-definition photos are captured and joined into videos showing stunning transformations.

We have produced our own in-house solutions so that clients are able to log in and view real-time images from the cameras, which also provides real-time monitoring and surveillance.