Business & Event WiFi Solutions

Meshed WiFi solutions, providing seamless coverage for businesses and venues of all sizes.

The perfect solution for hotels, B&Bs, cafes, bars, outdoor events, conferences, and more.

Whether located indoors our outdoors, our hassle-free solutions provide seamless WiFi access. You can set restrictions on bandwidth, limit access to a specific time period, and even connect the system to PayPal in order to charge for your service.

Meshed WiFiHow it Works

A meshed network extends your WiFi coverage, where the signal is repeated across multiple access points to retain its strength.

Easy, Seamless Access

Connect once to your WiFi network SSID, and seamlessly access the Internet from the entire area all access points cover.

Access Points

Access points are pre-configured for your network, so all you need to do is plug them in and you’re ready to go.

We provide both indoor and outdoor devices.

Additional access points can be added at any time, at the cost of an individual unit. These can just be plugged in at any location and will automatically expand the reach of your WiFi signal.


Providing a WiFi hotspot can attract more visitors and generate more business. Meshed WiFi brings seamless WiFi access to your business or venue, however large an area you need to cover.

Some of the features we offer:

  • Request an email address before allowing WiFi access.
  • Have separate access for staff and customers.
  • Block access to certain sites.
  • Limit data upload/download per user.
  • Charge for access by hooking up to PayPal.
  • Indoor and outdoor solutions.


Giving out your router password to the public leaves you at risk to security issues. Hackers could easily access your local network, and could gain access your PCs or capture data sent over the network. Melbek WiFi solutions are fully secure, separating your local network from the public, and you don’t have to give out your router password!

Internet Connectivity

Our WiFi solutions can be set up to use your existing Internet connection; however, if you have a temporary event or are in a location with no usable broadband connection you may be interested in our 4G broadband solutions.  These can be hired for short or long term use.

Contact us for prices or to see what we can do for you.