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Our Business Broadband & WiFi Services

Having a reliable business broadband solution in place is an essential part of a company’s infrastructure. We offer a wide range of services, providing the best solutions for multiple situations. As well as broadband and other connectivity solutions.

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Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC/SOGEA) and Fibre to the Premises (FTTP)

Fibre broadband operates over fibre-optic cables, providing super-fast download speeds, and enabling your business to make the most of high-bandwidth services. The perfect solution for video conferencing, cloud-based applications, VoIP and backup.

FTTC is an end of life service and being replaced with SOGEA (Single Order Generic Ethernet Access). This offers the same speeds but without the additional costs of having a phone number and associated rental.

Leased Lines and DIA (Direct Internet Access) for Business

Leased lines provide private lines between two or more specific locations on a fully-managed circuit. DIA is your dedicated fibre internet connection with synchronous speeds up and down, and a 4 hour SLA. Your business can benefit from uncontended lines with guaranteed upload/download speeds.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

A VPN provides a secure network for connectivity between individuals or remote offices. The perfect solution for businesses looking for highly secure voice/data transfer or video conferencing.

Low Earth Orbit Satellite Broadband

5G broadband can be used by many places and 4G/4G+ broadband can be used in most other locations. Both provide your business with a fast Internet connection, supplied within days. Where no mobile broadband coverage is available, our professionally installed satellite broadband systems are used to plug these gaps, ensuring 100% coverage in the British Isles.

We monitor your connections and provide direct support to the site if required.

WiFi Bridge and Mesh

Our WiFi Bridge service provides a reliable and efficient solution for extending network connectivity between different locations, allowing seamless communication and data transfer. Whether you need to connect multiple offices, remote sites, or expand coverage within a large facility, our WiFi Bridge solutions deliver enhanced connectivity.

Guest WiFi Access

Our Guest WiFi Access service enables you to provide seamless and secure internet connectivity to your visitors, customers, and guests. Enhance their experience and stay connected with our reliable and user-friendly guest WiFi solution. Whether you run a hotel, restaurant, conference centre, events or any other public/business venue, our Guest WiFi Access service ensures that your visitors can enjoy hassle-free internet access while maintaining the security of your network.

Rapid Business Broadband Deployment – Short & Long Term Projects

Whether you require an Internet connection just for a single day or for as long as you need it, we can provide 4G/4G+/5G or satellite broadband connections for any duration, with 100% coverage in the British Isles and even abroad.

4G/4G+/5G & Satellite Broadband For Construction Sites

One main area where we supply connectivity solutions is construction site 4G/4G+/5G broadband. We have our own MEWPs, hold CSCS and IPAF cards,and have first aid cover. We are fully insured, always work with Health and Safety as our priority, and understand the unique demands of a live construction site.

VoIP – IP phones

Whether using a fixed line or 4G/4G+/5G broadband, Voice over IP (VoIP) allows anyone in your business to make and receive telephone calls via any Internet connection, from any location, using a VoIP-enabled telephone or a computer.

While having a telephone line installed can be complicated and can involve a long wait, our Internet-based telephone solutions can be set up in a matter of days – perfect for construction sites or short-term contracts.

Our VoIP telephones are WiFi enabled, making them the perfect accompaniment to our 4G/4G+/5G broadband solutions.

Calls placed to a specific telephone number will be directed to a VoIP telephone, which will be assigned to that number. The benefits of this are not only a reduction in telephone bills, but the ability to use local telephone numbers even if the telephones are located at various places throughout the country, and the ability to move the telephones to another location without hassle.

WiFi Hotspots

Our meshed WiFi solutions provide all you need to set up a WiFi hotspot – a perfect solution for construction sites, shows and offices. Hotspots can be set up indoors and outdoors, with both private and public WiFi access.

A meshed network extends your WiFi coverage, where the signal is repeated across multiple access points to retain its strength. This way you can extend your hotspot as far as you like. Users will connect once to your WiFi network, and seamlessly access the Internet from all areas the access points cover.

Plug & Play WiFi

Access points are pre-configured for your network, so all you need to do is plug them in and you’re ready to go – both indoor and outdoor devices can be supplied, according to requirement.

With decades of WiFi experience, we have many solutions for large or small installations.

We offer trials and demonstration equipment for you to try. See our Events WiFi page for more information.

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Business Broadband WiFi FAQs

ADSL broadband uses standard copper telephone wires, while fibre broadband uses fibre-optic cables for designed faster speeds.

Leased lines offer dedicated connections with guaranteed minimum speeds, ideal for high-capacity bandwidth and consistent connectivity.

VPN stands for virtual private network – a service that protects your internet connection and privacy online. A VPN can mask your IP address and help secure your business online.

4G/4G+/5G broadband offers fast connections, while satellite broadband provides coverage in areas without mobile broadband.

Yes, we specialise in reliable connectivity solutions for construction sites. Read more about our construction WiFi here.

Voice over IP (VoIP) allows you to make calls over the Internet, offering flexibility, monthly plan cost savings, and the use of local telephone numbers which can be good for sales and office locations.

Yes, our WiFi solutions cater to both public and private access needs, with seamless connectivity across multiple access points.

We offer trials and demonstration equipment for testing our WiFi solutions.

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