IT Support Services

Fully managed IT support to keep your network functioning, efficient and secure.

Having managed IT support takes all of the worry and hassle out of maintaining your IT infrastructure.  On top of this, managed support services will keep costs down.

Our services include design/re-design of your infrastructure, ensuring that it will be well designed, reliable, secure, as well as being well maintained.

We provide a range of IT support services, covering Suffolk, Norfolk and surrounding areas:

  • On-site and remote IT support
  • Network security
  • Consultation
  • Procurement
  • Data backup and recovery
  • Server and cloud solutions
  • Windows and Linux/Unix support

Melbek are Microsoft Certified Partners.  This gives you the assurance that we are trained to the highest possible standards, and that we are monitored to ensure our customers are kept happy.

IT Support

The IT support services that we provide include: monitoring and patching of your servers in line with best practice, support of desktop PCs, email, Web hosting and even remote mail on mobile devices.  We are highly trained, qualified, and provide award winning IT support for many business.

Support is provided via the following methods:

  • Remote IT support
  • Telephone IT support
  • Site visits
  • Support via help-desk ticketing system

We believe we go far beyond what is normally expected of an outsourced computer and IT support company.

Computer And Network Security Services

Having great experience in securing our own networks from the world for many years, we are an ideal choice when selecting a security partner.

We provide a wide range of network security services.  Advice can be provided on the best security policies to adopt, and the relevant technologies to use when securing your network.  This covers servers, desktop PCs, mobile devices, cloud and backup services.

Server And Cloud Solutions

We provide cloud services, such as cloud file storage, off-site backup, hosted Microsoft Exchange, and Office 365.  All of these services are fully supported, and we can guide you in selecting the best option for you business.

IT Consultation

Having many years of experience in the IT sector, our technical expertise can help increase your productivity.  IT solutions can be expertly designed, planned and implemented to suit your needs, without adversely affecting your infrastructure.  We can offer advice on how to increase security, speed, efficiency, or keep costs down.

Consultation allows us to find out about your existing set-up and business objectives, and offer advice on improvement.  If required, we can perform a complete audit and present you with an analysis, identifying areas that can be improved.  If you are happy to go ahead with our recommendations, we can work with you to implement our designs and provide full IT support services for your business.

Any devices, software or services we recommend will have been tested against the equivalent alternatives in the market, and are chosen because:

  • We have found them to be superior
  • We can confidently install, set up and support them if required
  • We believe they will make your life easier


Both hardware and software procurement services are available, with solutions being provided that we consider the best for your needs.  We only recommend products because we believe they are of a high quality, and provide the best reliability and manufacturer support.  Products are never recommended based on commission.

Relying on us for procurement means that we have full control of what goes on in your network, and that only software/hardware that we feel is beneficial to you is installed.  Details of licences and warranties will be retained by us; this way, any issues can be dealt with direct from the manufacturer where necessary, further keeping down costs and taking hassle away from you.

Data Backup

Making sure that your data is stored and backed up securely is of the utmost importance.  Our off-site backup services provide full backup of servers and workstations, allowing easy restoration of deleted files, or complete restoration of servers and workstations.

Data Recovery

Having worked in many computer forensic cases, we are highly qualified in data recovery.  If you have important data on damaged media then get in touch to see how we can help.

The first step in dealing with data loss is the most critical and will determine if the data is recoverable.  To keep time and financial loss to a minimum, contact us immediately.  The result of attempting to recover damaged media yourself could be that you will make the data unrecoverable, and this could also invalidate the warranty.

If you suspect that your hard drive or storage media has failed:

  • Turn off the media immediately
  • Do not reboot, shake, disassemble or attempt to clean/dry the damaged media

Packaging tips

If you are posting media to us for data recovery, ensure the media is protected and stored tightly in an anti-static bag with bubble wrap and foam protectors.  Include the service authorisation paperwork within the package.