Email Protection & Security

Prevent phishing and malware with our managed email security solution

Email-borne threats, such as phishing and malware, are significantly on the rise, and this has become even more pronounced in the era of remote working.

Organisations must be prepared for a potential attack at a moment’s notice. If you were to be targeted with a phishing email today, do you have the necessary solutions in place to ensure the malicious email doesn’t reach your users?

Simply clicking on one infected link or attachment in an email can cost organisations substantial monetary value and reputational damage. There are also huge legal ramifications if sensitive data falls into the wrong hands by a user submitting company information on a spoof website.

As a result, it is imperative organisations invest in email security today. By implementing a professional email protection solution, malicious emails will be blocked from entering a company’s network, keeping users and data safe. Traditional email filters alone are insufficient – they scan for known sources of malware, but cyber-criminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their approach, and there are new sources of phishing and malware continually coming to light on a daily basis.

Protect your users from email-borne threats

Our cost-effective email security solution protects against viruses, malware, ransomware and links to malicious websites from both known sources and previously unknown threats (zero-day attacks).

Not only that, but we also offer a highly effective and advanced spam filtering solution, enhancing productivity throughout your organisation. With a market leading spam catch rate of 99.99%, and a 0.003% false positive rate, our solution enables employees to free up time that would otherwise be spent dealing with endless reams of unwanted email.

Our set-and-forget solution is easy to set up and manage, and once implemented you will start to notice immediate results. Advanced features include zero-day protection, reporting, whitelisting and blacklisting, sandboxing, advanced threat protection, recipient verification and much more.

Quarantine reports are also included with the service and inform your users of any messages which have been considered as spam and subsequently withheld. The report gives you tools to manage potential spam with options to deliver or delete messages, or permanently allow the sender.

As well as preventing spam and malware from entering your organisation, we also scan all outbound email – ensuring no malicious emails are inadvertently sent from within your business.

Protect your users and network from email-borne threats today – contact us to request your free trial.