Computer Forensics

Sometimes referred to as digital forensics, computer forensics is a part of forensic science that relates to legal evidence found in computers and digital storage mediums such as a hard disk or memory stick.

Obtaining information

A digital artefact can include a storage medium (such as a CD), an electronic document, for example a Microsoft Word or Excel document or perhaps a JPEG image or traffic on a computer network.

These artefacts can reveal what information is available, or what activity occurred leading up to the current situation.

We can answer questions often asked by the legal profession, such as:

  • Was a digital document, Microsoft Word for example, really created on a given date?
  • Was this item edited before or after a given date?
  • Did an email really get sent, if so when was it sent and by whom?

We recover hidden data (Meta data) that can often give away secrets of how a document was edited, this might show deleted paragraphs and/or other involved authors.

We are Certified Forensic Examiners so you can rely on the information we provide.

Our work with the legal profession

We are used to working on short time scales so same day responses are normal.

We work with the legal profession on a regular basis, providing answers in language you can understand. For example, we use everyday items in simple analogies to help you understand technical subjects that we need to convey.

Typical types of requests are:

  • Retrieve deleted data and see when it was deleted and last accessed from devices such as a Laptop, PC, USB memory stick, Memory cards, Digital camera, GPS, Mobile phone etc.
  • Provide evidence that emails were sent or received and show the list of companies that carried the email
  • Verify hacking attempts or security breaches in networks and websites
  • Talk to the other side’s expert or dispute technical evidence
  • Securely erase files after a settlement

Going the extra mile is a commonly used term and in our experience it is rarely lived up to. We believe that we go further than anyone else to ensure you can complete your work in a timely and cost efficient manner.

While we carry out work to your instructions, when doing digital forensic investigations or e-discovery, we also offer advice on anything we might feel could be relevant.  For example, if we notice something we think might assist you we will call you to discuss.

We are Certified Forensic Examiners and have won the Microsoft Champion IT competition (The award for outstanding IT professionals).  We continue to train and keep up to date with the latest technology.

We provide our advice without cost until you instruct us formally.