Website Development & Web Design Services

Specialising in the development of complex Web applications for large businesses.

  • Website design
  • Responsive / mobile friendly solutions
  • Bespoke Web development
  • Database driven solutions
  • Web application development
  • API development
  • Integration of third party APIs and data feeds
  • Support and maintenance of Websites and apps
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Content Management System (CMS) driven Websites
  • WordPress Development & WordPress plugin development
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Website Design

Most of our Websites are built on WordPress, a full-featured content management system, allowing clients to update their own content.  All themes and plugins used are security checked, and optimised to load quickly – which is enhanced further by our Web hosting services.  We also develop our own plugins for bespoke requirements.

All Websites we produce are responsive, ensuring that your site translates well across all devices. Layouts are clean, to keep visitors engaged, are easy to navigate and structured in a way to maximise user experience.  All sites are unique, based around the company brand and the content you supply us with.  You will be involved in the design process: we will guide you in what to do; however, the end decision will be yours.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

There are many things that you can do to ensure that your Website is listed higher in the search engines.  Search engines alter the way they rank sites from time to time, so we constantly keep up to date with the best and legitimate practices – as some things can penalise you or result in your site being blacklisted.

SEO is included with all of our Websites, and we will also guide you in putting together your content, ensuring that your site will be listed higher in the search engines.  We also provide a copywriting service, and can enhance your written content to be more search engine friendly.

Website Development

Our in-house developers can build projects using off-the-shelf products, or produce bespoke solutions from the ground up, depending on your needs and budget.  Bespoke solutions are tailored entirely to your requirements, designed to be user-friendly and efficient, as well as being expandable for future requirements.

As well as providing in-house design, we are happy to work with design agencies you may already have a business relationship with.

Web Applications

Instead of being tied to a single platform, Web Applications provide the flexibility of accessing data from a browser anywhere in the world, whether at work, home, or via a mobile phone.  Examples of Web applications we provide can be found below:

  • Project management
  • Support ticketing
  • Order management
  • Accounting
  • Time management

Fully Secure Software

Security is at the heart of Melbek, and all of our Websites and Web applications are implemented with strict security policies in place.  To ensure solutions are fully-secure we can test our servers and Websites/Web apps with our own penetration testing solutions.

Domains & Hosting

Along with our Domain services and Web hosting services, we can offer you a complete package to best suit your needs.