Why Using An MVNO Is A Bad Move If You Want Reliable 4G On Your Construction Site

mvno operators

When you choose your partner for providing 4G broadband for construction sites, you should be wary of companies that are Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs).

The reason for this is that MVNOs tie themselves to one provider, so they limit themselves to the technology the provider uses and, of course, its coverage.

An MVNO may well have a restricted use of services too, as highlighted in the above picture.

As an example, we have recently performed installs in areas with no coverage, and we were able to pick up a good signal only from one provider (the closest). In another area, the service from the same provider was poor, and another provider was used. In some cases the speed available can be doubled by changing provider.

Melbek use the best operator for the best signal and speed in any area, we have never failed to provide 4G broadband on any site.


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