Why A Managed 4G Broadband Connection Is Important

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Imagine the situation: you have your 4G router delivered, or professionally installed at height to provide the best possible service, and everything is great. You’re working away happily, then a problem occurs – it appears that you’re connected, but you just cannot access the Internet. Now what?

A quick call to the provider and you are told that the service is unmanaged, and therefore you’re on your own.

They may suggest that, for a much higher fee, you can pay for management. However they still may not be able to fix your issue. In this situation the company providing your router will often lay the blame on the network provider, even if the issue is something entirely different; Like an issue on your device or your local network. Their response will likely be the classic, “sorry, the network is down in your area. When it comes back up it will work but we don’t know when that will be”.

With a managed service from MelBek we will get you working.

The service we provide means that we investigate to a greater level of detail and, being Microsoft Certified and Microsoft Award Winners, you can feel safe in the knowledge that we know what we are doing. To ensure that we have the whole picture, we can look at your laptops remotely, and even fix any local issues you may have.

We will do our utmost to get you working again.

This is all included in our price, along with premium bandwidth that doesn’t suffer from slow data transfer.

Your internet connection on site has never been more important and that is why you should choose a managed solution.


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