Web Filtering For Construction Site 4G Broadband

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Our online portal has proven to be a great bonus to our construction site 4G broadband customers, allowing access to usage data, and providing email alerts when certain quota levels have been reached.

Usage monitoring is extremely helpful in keeping costs down, but there are some circumstances where a great deal of bandwidth has been used in a single day (e.g. by someone accessing sites streaming video) – something that could be prevented by filtering.

Our Solution

We are now pleased to offer another ‘first’ for 4G with our unique 4G broadband Web filtering service.

Available as an add-on package for our construction site 4G broadband solution, our Web filtering service allows customers to monitor what sites are being accessed, along with full control to block/allow Websites by category and set up URL blacklists/whitelists.  Additionally, it offers protection against malicious Websites, spyware and viruses.

Monitoring can be real-time or by reports – these can be generated based on category, domain, IP address, etc., and can even be scheduled to run on a regular basis.

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