The 4G Broadband Solution For Slow Internet

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With COVID-19 resulting in many more home workers, we have been called upon to help remote employees whose Internet connection at home is slow or saturated.

The problem for some who are home working is that they are expecting a home broadband connection to work as well as a business grade connection; however, this isn’t the case:

Home broadband connections are great value, but they share their connection with many other homes, all of which are fighting for the available bandwidth.  Some of these connections are shared at 40:1.

With business grade connections your available bandwidth should be dedicated to you, so 1:1.

With the constraints of the COVID-19 situation, it is not unusual for Netflix, iPlayer, etc. to be streaming whilst you are trying to work from home.  These services consume large amounts of bandwidth and slow up other services you need to use.

With a dedicated business grade 4G connection you can be sure your connection is dedicated to you, so you can video conference and work without anyone slowing you down.


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