Still Sticking Your Dongle To The Window?

window dongle

Do you have to stick your 4G broadband dongle to a window like this?

Perhaps you have to move near a window or dangle it out of the cabin?

If you have to go to such lengths then you are not getting the best service from the mobile networks: you may suffer slow speeds and dropouts, as with most self-managed broadband services.

These units are great for occasional use, however, the aerials are contained within the unit and are tiny (about 2cm in length).

Melbek offer the most reliable service available, with a professional installation that gives you the strongest signal and fastest speed, and the right aerial for the right environment.  Just like using the right tool for the job.

With WIFI included at no extra cost, the lowest price in the market, and even with a 14 day free trial, why not give it a try?  It could change the way you work.


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