Problems With Unlimited 4G Broadband?

unlimited 4g broadband

Yet again, a company with poor unlimited 4G broadband on their construction site has asked for our help.

This is becoming a common problem that we solve for construction sites.   The customer has been sold the dream of unlimited 4G broadband with claims of “Fibre Speed”; however, in reality they get a mediocre service and speeds that fail to impress. On top of this, when they call for support they are usually told “Sorry, it’s a problem with the network provider”.

While it’s true that sometimes mobile network providers do have issues with their 4G network, what we don’t understand is why this is an issue when there are four major mobile providers available. Swapping the customer to another network should be the simple and correct way to deal with such issues.

Unlimited 4G sounds great, as you don’t have to worry about how much data you are going to use. But how much data do you really need? The vast majority of our customers rarely go over 100Gb per month.

The secret behind the unlimited 4G broadband packages is that the data connection is not premium grade.  In fact, it’s even slower than our enterprise grade connections.

Another issue we discover on sites experiencing this problem is related to the installation itself. We see the same aerials used all the time, but one aerial type cannot be used in order to obtain the best performance and reliability — in fact, we use 8 different types.  Also, the aerials are not normally installed at height. Installing at height is the number one solution for improving speed and reliability, yet we see many aerials installed below the height of construction site cabins, and we have even seen them installed a few feet from the floor!

There are plenty of other ways to improve the speed and reliability of 4G broadband, but we won’t give all our secrets away here. Get in touch to see how we perform — you’ll be pleasantly surprised at our costs, and we offer free trials to prove we are the smartest choice.


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