Internet Connection For Wind Farm Construction Phase

No 3G or 4G signal map
Map showing no 3G or 4G coverage

The problem:

Provide reliable internet connectivity during the construction phase of a wind farm in Devon, whilst keeping costs low.

Devon is famous for signal problems with mobile networks, especially near Dartmoor, and this particular wind farm location was not served by any 3G or 4G signal.

The map (right) shows good coverage in red, and no coverage in white.



Our solution:

Installation of a 4G internet connection with the following benefits:

  • Professional installation, custom aerials installed at height, tuned to the nearest 4G masts.
  • Extremely high availability using multiple networks
  • Remote monitoring via our custom web portal
  • WiFi for engineers to use
  • Flexible month to month billing (30 day contract)



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