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Unlimited 4G broadband sounds like a great idea: you never have to worry about how much you use, and no risk of unexpected bills. However, with mass market solutions there is a trade off.

The problem

A few things you will probably experience on your unlimited 4G broadband SIM include:

Slow speeds
This is the most frustrating one, and we have seen speeds of less than 1Mbps on an unlimited 4G tariff. If that’s all you need then great; however, the majority of us in business need a fast, reliable connection.

Did you know that at 1.65 Mbps you could only download 500 Gigs in a month if you used it 24/7?

With slower speeds comes higher latency. Each time data is moved from point A to B over your mobile 4G broadband connection it will take longer. This effects video conferencing, online messaging, and some phone calls.

It’s NOT unlimited
Did you read the small print? How about that “Fair Use Policy” that says you are only allowed to use 650 Gigs per month? After this you have to pay extra, at which point it goes even slower or stops altogether.

Then there is the scary wording that says the provider reserves the right to move you to another tariff if you exceed the “Fair Use Policy”.

Our solution

So you can have an unlimited tariff on your mobile broadband connection with these problems, or you can have a business grade service from us: the fastest speeds possible in any location for when you need it, no slow down, and no risk of an unexpected bill.

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