Controlling WiFi Costs On Construction Sites

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4G Web Filtering ReportMargins are always tight, and costs constantly come under the spotlight. If you are using a 4G connection then you can run up huge bills very easily, but there is a way of controlling these costs.

4G solutions vary hugely. If you choose an unmanaged service, which is just the same as buying a MiFi device off the shelf, then costs can climb without you noticing, especially if videos and music are streamed over it.

Melbek provide the only service on the market that can monitor usage and even restrict content based specifically on your needs. Using our 4G solutions and our Web filtering service you can be sure your site is only using the data required for the job, and with this control you can reduce costs dramatically.

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* MiFi is a brand name used to describe a wireless router that acts as a mobile WiFi hotspot.


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