Construction Site 4G For Olympic Park

4g broadband speed variations

One of our customers had a problem with 4G speeds at the Olympic Park in East London. While this is somewhere you’d think 4G speeds would be fine, they were achieving less than 1 Mbps download speed. For 4G broadband on a construction site this is nowhere near fast enough.

We tested the following 4G networks on this construction site, with download speed results as follows:

EE = 0.65 Mbps
O2 = 0.84 Mbps
3 = 1.02 Mbps
Vodafone = 10.4 Mbps

The reason the speeds are so slow is likely to be due to saturation. This occurs in concentrated areas, cities for example, where thousands of mobile devices are competing for a finite amount of bandwidth.

For this very reason we cover all networks and make sure we provide the fastest connection for each construction site.


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