Achieve Far Greater Connection Speeds With 4G+

greater 4G speeds

Standard 4G will usually do the job as a temporary connection. But have you ever noticed slow performance, even in well built-up areas where you’d expect great coverage?

Local 4G masts can become saturated and, although your site is in the middle of a city, you can face disappointing speeds.

A standard 4G router will find the best mast and connect to it over a single network band. 4G+ routers, on the other hand, use MIMO (Multiple Input, Multiple Output) technology with more antennas.  This allows them to connect to multiple masts, over multiple network bands, at the same time.

The upshot of this is that a far greater connection speed is achieved, as the router will send and receive data over multiple connection streams instead of just one.

In most cases, 4G+ is even preferable to 5G due to the faster upload speeds it provides. Throughout our testing, we’ve found that 5G provides amazing download speeds, but the upload speeds can be quite the opposite. As upload is critical for sites that connect back to a central server, we use 4G+ in the majority of cases.

Every one of our Professional Installs is now set up with a 4G+ router. This means you can expect 2x to 4x the speed of standard 4G, and much improved reliability.


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